Arroyo Park/Palisades Canyon

Arroyo Park: Located in central El Paso at the southern end of the Franklin Mountains, this city park features some of the easiest hiking and mountain biking trails in El Paso. This 1.7 mile loop is the perfect spot for a seasoned pro’s warm up or a rookie’s first day out. And, for the native biker or business traveler on the go, its urban setting makes it ideal for a quick ride before a morning meeting or catching the flight home. For those who simply want to observe El Paso’s wildlife in its natural habitat, the Trans Pecos Audubon Society has designated the park as a premier site for birding.

Palisades Canyon: To access beautiful Palisades Canyon simply cross Robinson Road from Arroyo Park and follow the trailhead north. Situated on more than 200 acres and crisscrossed with old mining roads, the trails of this canyon beckon the more seasoned riders with moderate to difficult biking and hiking routes. The Palisades Canyon Loop follows an old jeep road that will take you through the canyon all the way to the Franklin Mountains State Park before looping back around. Find out more about distances, elevation and a detailed map at In addition to a more challenging terrain, the Canyon also offers stunning views of Comanche Peak and Crazy Cat Mountain.

Activities: Hiking/trail running, mountain biking and birding

Hours: 6:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.

Fee: None

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