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Information about Billy Crews | El Paso Southwest

Billy Crews

Great steaks and great wines go hand-in-glove, and the glove fits at Billy Crews. A Wine Spectator Magazine Grand Award winning restaurant since 1986 plus top awards from Wine Enthusiast and Santé Magazine, Billy Crews serves custom-cut steaks, fresh seafood, prime rib, chicken, lamb and veal. The wine cellar holds over 3,200 selections and 15,000 bottles with over 200 imported and specialty beers and a complete selection of liquors and spirits. The lounge is open daily and features live entertainment on Wed–Sat evenings. The package store is open 7 days a week (viva New Mexico!) and offers all wines from the cellar at less-than-big-city prices. Open daily for dinner with a lunch menu in the lounge. Diet-restrictive dishes are also available. Just ask or call ahead (10 minutes from downtown; take I-10 west to N. Mesa, exit 11, and go left 3 miles).

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