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Information about Cattleman’s Steakhouse | El Paso Southwest

Cattleman’s Steakhouse

Everybody in these parts and many beyond know that the name Cattleman’s Steakhouse is synonymous with delicious steaks and food. But some people may not be aware that Cattleman’s provides banquet facilities and is the perfect setting for a private event. Located on Indian Cliff’s Ranch, an authentic and captivating ranch, Cattleman’s offers a colorful merging of romantic elegance with true western ambiance. There are many different areas, like the Cantina and the Horseman’s Club, that provide the perfect setting for any special occasion or affair. Highlighted by expansive scenery and beautiful, well-maintained grounds, sterling service and meticulous attention to detail on every level, from the wait staff to the preparation of its delicious food, Cattleman’s facilities encompass a wide array of space, ambience and table arrangements for private parties, gatherings, reunions, concerts and even weddings. For more information and details, visit CattlemansSteakhouse.com or call Liz at 915-544-3200.

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