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Information about Downtown Shopping District | El Paso Southwest

Downtown Shopping District

The number of vivid shops lining El Paso and San Antonio Streets, Overland Avenue and Stanton Street is simply amazing. In this u-shaped area, the shops are bursting with merchandise from family clothing and western wear, handbags, shoes, boots, baby items, music, sunglasses, fragrances, household items...and the list goes on...at outlet mall pricesor better. There are two large stores:  Holland’s, a department store with brand and designer labels at reasonable prices, and Starr Western Wear, selling everything western from boots to hats for the entire family, ranging from moderate to expensive. While rhythmic Mexican music fills the air, livening up the area, the sidewalks, lined with dedicated shoppers and colorful displays of goods, virtually vibrate with activity. Every so often your nostrils will twitch with some marvelous aroma, which you’ll find hard to resist—even when you’re not hungry—emanating from one of the tiny restaurants crammed between the stores. It’s truly a hopping, unique, captivating, and atypical American shopping district—one you won’t want to miss.

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