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Information about El Paso Chihuahuas Baseball | El Paso Southwest

El Paso Chihuahuas Baseball

The San Diego Padres Triple-A affiliate, the El Paso Chihuahuas, opened the brand new Southwest University Park just two blocks south of I-10 on Santa Fe Street in downtown El Paso in 2014. Already, this stadium has been named “Ballpark of the Year” by BaseballParks.com. The team also set a minor league baseball attendance record in its first El Paso season. The stadium features great views of the downtown skyline, a wide range of food and drink options, a skybox bar, children’s play areas and, of course, high-quality play. The team’s Chihuahua logo can be found on all kinds of apparel and other merchandise, perfect souvenirs, at two different shops located on the facility. The season runs from April to September.

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