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Information about Highway 28 | El Paso Southwest

Highway 28

Highway 28 is a back road winding through farm, wine, pecan and chile country that runs from just north of El Paso to Old Mesilla, NM, near Las Cruces, a progressive university town and the second largest in New Mexico. It’s a fun and peaceful ride on an old-fashioned two-lane road, frequently traversed by large farm equipment, with lots of great stops along the way. There are several wineries featuring some really outstanding local wines; unexpectedly good restaurants, mostly of the Mexican food variety; and unusual gift shops. The ride culminates in Old Mesilla, an historical, picturesque little village, now a hub of tourism and commerce, built around a central plaza, surrounded by a church, shops, more wineries, restaurants, galleries, and a museum. On weekends, vendors set up booths and tables on the plaza to sell their wares while a musical group, usually mariachis, performs from the gazebo.

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