McKelligon Canyon

Climbing and culture combine in this section of the Park to offer visitors of all interests a truly unique experience. Here, visitors will find the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre, where numerous concerts are held every year during the summer, including the annual Viva El Paso! musical drama showcase. Seating approximately 1,500 people, it sits in between the sheer canyon walls and the clear desert sky and provides concertgoers with a truly magical evening of entertainment. McKelligon Canyon also houses the headquarters for the Franklin Mountains State Park.

For the rock-climbing enthusiast, follow the trail behind the stage to arrive at the rock-climbing portion of the park, where the Flower Power Ledge is a popular wall with climbers from all over the world. If the thrill of the open road is what calls, McKelligon Canyon Road provides road bikers a great ride and an excellent opportunity to see deer and other park wildlife.

The main hike in the park is the Ron Coleman Trail, a difficult 3.8 mile trek that cuts northward through the mountain range and takes its intrepid hikers past the peak of South Franklin Mountain, the second highest summit in the park. At a stunning 6,780 feet high, the hardy hikers who reach this peak will have fantastic views of the park, spanning from Fusselman Canyon all the way to the Tom Mays Unit. From there the trail follows the ridgeline north, ending at Transmountain Road. It should be noted that hikers who attempt this trail must be prepared for steep ascents, some limestone wall scaling and a memorable experience.

Activities: hiking, road biking, birding/wildlife watching, rock climbing, picnicking

Winter Hours: 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Summer Hours: 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.

Fee (self pay): 12 and under free, 13 and older $4

Phone: 915-566-6441

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